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​Time for a pre-winter check

So, as good as it’s been this week, let’s face it, the grotty weather is not that far away! We’re soon going to be scrubbing mud and god knows what else off of mountain bikes and road bikes alike.

With this in mind, now is the perfect opportunity to make sure our bikes are ready for the winter onslaught. Or, for those of us lucky enough, time to make sure the winter bike is ready to be called into action when the weather is too bad for our best, water soluble steeds to venture out of the shed.

Making sure your bike is ready for winter is very important. It will protect your bike, make sure your components last longer saving you money and make your winter riding that much more pleasurable. We have a fully flexible workshop, and work can be tailored to meet your needs exactly. We’re happy to give free quotes before we proceed, and can collect your bike and deliver it back at a time that suits you.

We all say how much we love our bikes, and let’s face It, you wouldn’t send your loved ones out into the cold unprepared over winter would you?

Also, if you're looking to put your best bike away for the winter, make sure it's clean, fully serviced, lubed and greased. That way, your bike will be ready for that first impromptu ride in the spring and you won't be caught out by a chain that's gone rusty or a seized bottom bracket - all caused by a poorly maintained bike being left static for a few months.

Whether you want a quick check over, a full pre-winter service or just a set of mudguards fitted, get in touch on 07854 498941 or on our contact form and we can make sure, your bike is ready for whatever winter throws at it.

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