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So here it is – the new website.

I'm really excited to be finally launching my new website. A massive thank you to Dave Hughes of Sheepridge Consulting, for helping me put it together… of course when I say put it together what I really mean is, put ALL of it together! Big thanks also to Fal of aleccarmichael.org for the logo help as ever.

Eventually I’d like to get a bit of a community feel going here, so feel free to email me any content you’d like me to post on the site. Pic’s of your favourite bit of trail, reviews of rides or events you’ve done or even just funny videos. Suitable ones obviously !
Anyway, here you go. Feel free to poke around, have a look and digest the services I offer, and obviously, if I can help you with anything bike related just let me know.
See you soon, Sean

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